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Tubular Disc Conveyor

Tubular Disc Conveyor are used in the handling of powders, aggregates, premixed products, wastes, wet bulk solids, sticky substances or abrasive chemicals, minerals and warm matter, such as ashes. Explosion-proof and ATEX versions are available as well.

Quite often they have been found to be able to handle materials that other systems cannot handle and have been the only possible solution. They are highly versatile in terms of design and can transmit around turns, in any plane, under the floor, in tight spaces or in height – as shown here. 

That makes them the preferred choice when the transportation itinerary is complex. Some other pipe conveyors may have only one outlet or, to get more, the required design is complex and costly.

Tubular Disc Conveyor can be configured with as many inlets or outlets as necessary.

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