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Belt conveyors continuously transport all forms of material, including excavated and crushed rock, in an efficient manner due to their 100% availability.

They cover a wide range of applications, from extraction or extraction to the plant or land where they transport materials over long distances, through curves and rough relief areas.

Open and Subsurface Applications and Crushing and Conveying in Pits (IPCC)

Our conveyors are specifically designed for their application and unique project requirements covering a wide range of products and capacities.

 Our conveyor systems are used all over the world, from open-pit mines to underground mines, where they usually transport crushed material from a primary crushing station to a stockyard, material treatment plant or spreader of various zones inside or outside the pit or from the basement to the surface.

Our mining conveyors are also widely used in different areas of a mining operation and are part of a IPCC system effectively move crushed material out of the pit.

Conveyor lengths can range from short distances to many kilometres in deep mines and underground applications, which can also overcome significant changes in vertical elevation. The width of the belts varies according to the material to be transported and the capacity required and the way in which they are built. As required, our conveyors can also incorporate scales, sensors or analyzers of materials and sampling equipment.

  • Open-pit mine applications

Depending on the development of an open pit mine, conveyors often have to be moved or moved and may include special features for extension requirements, including tape storage at the tail and a caterpillar trainer at the head.

Belt storage devices reduce the number of belt cutting and splitting procedures during conveyor expansion operations.

Other typical applications for open-pit conveyors are mobile transfer points such as hopper cars, hopper cars and shuttle heads for supplying materials to several downstream conveyors.

Our diverse product range includes tripper cars on rails or tracks as a mobile connection between tipper conveyor and spreader, as well as track-mounted hopper cars between the excavator and the bench conveyor. Benched conveyors for extraction and unloading are designed as rocking conveyors, in which the conveyor modules are equipped with steel sleepers and rails to allow easy movement.

Our product line also covers the manufacture of moving heads and testing in our specialist manufacturing plant.

  • Gearless drive technology

FLOW FORCE is one of a very limited number of worldwide conveyor manufacturers that prides itself on being an operational reference in the use of advanced gear-less drive technology in mining conveyor systems and are proud of our partnership with our technological partner Drive, ABB.

Gear-free drives eliminate the need for a gearbox, significantly reducing the number of major wear parts, resulting in increased efficiency and reliability, plus less maintenance needed.

Other advantages include significantly reducing the footprint and emissions of the drive system.

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