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 Magnetic Separator and Metal Detectors

Flow Force specializes in permanent magnetic separators and magnetic assemblies. Our major products include magnetic filter bars, grate magnets, magnetic drawers, magnetic ferrous traps, holding magnets, magnetic tools, and unique magnetic assemblies. Most typical things are well-liked in the market. Client’s unique sizes can be designed.

We have developed and continue to develop magnetic separation systems and magnetic assemblies, and we are devoted to providing developments to suit the needs of clients in a variety of sectors and work environments throughout the world.

Flow Force Believes In

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 Phantom Metal Detector

Stealth Gravity Metal Detector

Vector Conveyor Systems

Drum Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Liquid Trap

Magnetic Bar / Tube

Easy – Cleaning Magnetic Grate (Square Type)

Rotary Grate – Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Grate – Square / Round Shape

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