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MIXSYS screw conveyor systems ensure sustainable transport performance at designed capacities, the most demanding materials and bulk densities. See below for additional information.


The oldest transport system for bulk materials, the Archimedes screw, is used in a modern and practical way by BECCARIA mod tubular screw conveyers model GL and GG/T. With a wide range of models, fittings and accessories, these screw conveyors can be used in many industrial sectors to carry powders or granular products.


  1. Execution in painted or galvanised carbon steel, stainless steel INOX AISI 304-316.
  2. Motors or gear motors.
  3. Belt, chain or direct transmissions.
  4. Conveying pipe and screw thickness designed according to transported products features.
  5. Screw shaft with support and bearing placed only at one extremity (for mod. GL).
  6. Screw shaft with supports and bearings placed at the two extremities (for mod. GG/T).
  7. Screw shaft intermediate support with bushes made in different materials (resin, bronze, ertalon, ertalite, ferrozel) according to transported product feature (for mod. GG/T).
  8. Screw shafts joined with joints type UNI 221.


  1. Loading hoppers.
  2. Hoods mounted on loading hoppers for dust Keeping (even with filter).
  3. Forced loading screw injection system for products with difficult flowing.
  4. Different screw pitches according to product and use features.
  5. Motors or gear motors speed variators.
  6. Inspection, cleaning or total emptying doors with safety microswitches.
  7. Fixed or movable (with wheels) supporting frames.
  8. Control panels.
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