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  • Compact design
  • Reliable construction
  • Standard fitted with Nord in-line direct drive
  • Pressure surge proof up to 10 bar g
  • Flange drillings available to PN 10, ANSI 150
  • Direct inverter control
  • Sheared angle inlet
  • Versions conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU available

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The MALD and the MLD medium-duty valves are suitable for applications where valves with outboard bearings would be over specified. The valves give exceptional value for money due to the simple construction and direct drive. The basic construction of the three valves is the same, with the except for the bodies. The valves are suited for both conveying and metering purposes. They are ideal for vacuum conveying applications, big bag unloading, cyclone applications and general-purpose applications. The MALD valve utilizes the AL-valve body, which has two round flanges and is suitable for powders. This valve is suitable for many applications where a valve with outboard bearings would be over-specifi ed. The MLD valve is based on the ML-valve body and is suitable for handling powders. The valve has one round flange and one square fl ange, both of which are one size larger than the MALD for the same rotor capacity. By this, the valve has a large inlet in relation to the rotor volume so that high filling efficiencies are reached with free-flowing products. The valve can also be used as a transition piece from round to square or vice versa.

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