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  • High filling efficiency
  • Sheared angle inlet
  • Minimum air leakage
  • Pressure surge proof up to 10 bar g
  • Explosion proof models available up to 10 bar g
  • Customised solutions
  • Easy detachable versions available
  • Cast irons versions currently available

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The USAL rotary valves have been designed by DMN-WESTINGHOUSE for many applications in the metering and pneumatic conveying of products in powder and granular form. Due to the modular design of this extensive and flexible range of valves many different configurations are available, using standard components. The USAL valves are also available with two optional bodies in various material sorts, one having round-round flanges (AL) and one having round-square fl anges (AML). See separate leaflets for further information. The USAL valves are available in 3 consecutive sizes: 200, 250 and 300 covering a capacity range of the rotor from 5,5 to 19 liter per revolution at 100% filling.

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