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Vacuum Conveying – Lean Phase

Lean and dilute phase vacuum transport systems generally use positive displacement extractors to provide a vacuum (up to 50%) to transport materials through a pipeline to the receiving vessel where the air and product are filtered and separated. Low capacity blower systems are also available.

 The product enters directly into the pipeline or via a feeder (rotary valve or screw loader) if dosing is required, is suspended in the air flow and is transported at relatively high speeds according to particle size and density. The conveyed product is unloaded from the receiving vessel continuously through a rotary valve or intermittently through valves.



Lean vacuum systems are particularly suitable for the transport of low to medium capacity materials over medium distances, from several points to one destination. They are versatile and adaptable, and their low working pressure enables the use of less expensive pipelines and fittings.

This method is frequently used for centralized vacuum cleaning systems or to extract product from a number of silos and other applications that require a cross-linked network of vacuum pipes to transport the product to one collection point.


  1. Convey Rates: <6  tonnes/h.
  2. Convey Distances: up to 100 m
  3. Air mover: positive displacement (Roots Type) exhauster or fan
  4. Operating Pressure: <50% vacuum
  5. Air Ratios: low to medium
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