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Flange Fitted

Connectors that are fitted with flanges are often more hygienic.

They are the perfect solution for health & safety situations in which a more secure fitting is required.


Flange-Fitted Flexible Connections

A more robust way to connect pipes or moving machine parts is a flexible sleeve that is fitted with flanges.

The flange can be designed as round, oval and rectangular in every diameter, circumference, height and length.

Various connection styles can be combined.

  • Always airtight and leak-free.
  • Hygienic flow profile.
  • Reducers/ Adapters.
  • Many different materials, such as;
    1.  Poly Urethane.
    2.  EPDM
    3.  Silicone
    4.  Gum Rubber
    5.  Nitrile
    6.  PTFE
    7.  Other
  • Tailor made / Custom made
  • Conical shape, round to rectangular and any other shape.
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