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  • For abrasive products
  • Suitable for systems with high pressures and temperatures
  • Body made from ductile spheroidal cast iron
  • Replaceable wear bushings on outlet
  • Grease lubricated shaft seals
  • Seals can be replaced with the valve in place
  • Versions conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU available

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The BTD ball type diverter has been specifically designed to converge or diverge abrasive products in pneumatic conveying systems. The diverter is also suitable for systems having relatively high pressures and temperatures, e.g. thermoelectric power stations (coal and fuel oil ash), incinerators, foundries and cement, glass, ceramic, limestone, gypsum and chemical factories. The diverter can be used for both diverting and converging. When diverting the product itself provides the wear surface (most common application). When converging the impact area of the product on the diverter has been considerably strengthened (see dimensional drawing). The BTD is made from ductile spheroidal cast iron and is available in 7 sizes in the ranges 65 – 250.

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