We have complete ranges of Bulk Bag equipment for unloading which comprises Electric Hoist, Forklift Load and Trolley Load helpful for bulk bags extending till 2000kgs.

The modular design comes up with pre-assembled option that permits quick adaptability and installation for any suitable applications. Dual system is available for bulk bag as well as manual tipping via the interface of bag dump.
Including a comprehensive in-house design team and engineering team, Flow Force can alter designs that can fit any specific requirements.

This custom design bulk bags un-loader can overcome the restrictions while accomplishing the outcome that is planned. This can be achieved by decreasing the bulk bag un-loader’s footprint by around 30% without compromising to the functions and the desired output.

An electric hoist is fitted upon presently available beam and attached to the specialized bulk bag lifting frames. Bulk bags are picked, loaded and mounted securely upon the “half-frame” bulk bag’s un-loader to provide the workers a safe working environment. The spout clamp offers a seal to block all the dust between the outlet spout of bulk bag and the process downstream that acts as a mixing tank in the floor. The bulk bag un-loader’s dust collector is linked with the outlet below the spout clamp for handling the evacuated air and to provide the capability to collapse the bulk bags that are empty by vacuum minimizing issues in dust handling. The pneumatic butterfly valve separates the collaborating tank during the bag collapse operation.

Standard forklift type, split/half frame type and hoist type bulk bag unloaders are not the only application available with us, rather we also work on customized designs to fit any application in the appropriate way. This comprises undersized and oversized bulk bag un-loaders, mobile bulk bag un-loaders and many more. Construction materials could also be mild steel coated with powder as well as stainless steel.