Bag dump station is used for safe hygienic transfer of product from sacks, bags and pails inside the process system.
They may be integrated to suit major downstream equipment’s types namely rigid or flexible screw conveyors, blenders and pneumatic transfer system.

The hinged access door, once it gets open is kept in place by using a gas stay support. The bag then is split manually and the product is rolled into the simple hygienic hopper of the bag dump. Dust control is through an essential dust collector filter unit riding to the bag dump station top or through the ducting system to the main dust collector system. The vital dust collector returns the collected dust to the product stream to eliminate the waste. The options for Filter cleaning may include shaker type or reverse pulse also.

Operators face speed through the opening of bag dump door at the rate of typically > 1.5m/s. This helps for a healthy and clean work environment fulfilling with agencies and government regulations namely EPA and OSHA. For succeeding higher output, a twin dump design [with two access doors] permits many operators to tip products simultaneously. Fresco has major different types of flow promotion devices that are fitted with hoppers, solis or bins and are coordinated to the characteristics of the product.

These devices comprise vibration, teflon coatings, agitation and fluidization. Simple screening is essential here as Fresco has an elective vibratory sieve that is built-in into the hopper top. The vibratory motor is fixed to the external side of the hopper with rubber isolators that prevent the vibration pass through the hopper wall. Nearly several sized aperture mesh, woven wire or perforated plate could be mounted onto the screen. Rapid removal options are offered on demand/request.

When bags in larger volumes are needed to be opened, a High Speed Automatic Bag Slitter can be opted for usage.
With capabilities till 600 bags per hour being achieved easily, a single operator can be used to unload sacks in high volumes and reduce manual work, labor count and operator’s exposure to waste and dust packing. The combined bag compaction and dust collection units holds waste and dust without being exposed to dust.
Product recovery rate is nearly greater than 99% by discharged product weight. Multiple sized bags and variable types of bags could be handled with a sole High Speed Automated Bag Slitter.

The demands for increasing plant capacity with reduction in labor and manual work cannot be an easiest job yet, with the Fresco completely automated bag slitting machine, this will be an easy job.
The range of low profile, automated, sack slitting machines have been developed for handling multi ranged differing powder bag sizes and granular materials in a surrounded environment.

The twin rotary knife cutting makes sure the recovery of maximum powder capacity while the bag clearing and emptying is automated for ejection and compressed into a waste receiving bag made of plastic. The rate of opening can be 600 bags per hour which depends upon bag sizes and free flowing features of content. The machines are of a compacted design integrating automated in-feed conveyor, bag empty unit, waste bag compactor and dust extraction unit.

The robotic de-palletizer feeds the bags into a primary powered horizontal in-feed conveyor that sends the bags into a spike conveyor that is retractable. This preserves the bag when the cutting cycle happens while bags forward movement to the cutting phase. Automated dual rotary knife cutting units adjust to different sizes of bags and confirm that the bags are cut cleanly on all the three sides, discharging the contents efficiently. While the bottom portion of the bag is drawn and beneath the spiked conveyor an air facility is offered ensuring recovery of maximum material as it trespasses via the cutting stage. During the transfer of bags, the spikes retract and the empty bags are ejected to the waste compactor in an automated manner, which converts the bags into plastic waste receiving bags.

Fixed directly with a Fresco pneumatic conveyer or screw conveyor system the powder/granular materials can by batched into the down-stream process that is automated and without operator work. The automation degree could be personalized to fit each application and different budget. The bag slitter is tailored with a self-contained control system that can be installed with ease and combined with existing and new process systems.